Holly Weston Books | It's No Game of Marbles!
It's No Game of Marbles!
A Family's Story of Love, Loss & Conflict in WW2

“I hope that Jerry has been leaving you alone at home; do take care of yourself if he is about because you know It’s No Game of Marbles.”

During WW2 a young couple from Haverhill in Suffolk wrote to each other almost every day. The result is not only a moving love story, but a remarkable portrait of what it was like to live through an extraordinary time. Now seen for the first time, Don & Jennie Freeman's private letters reveal their experience of the War in intimate detail.

The letters provide a fascinating glimpse into life at RAF Honington (then home to IX Squadron, Bomber Command) and into Don's three year overseas posting - first to Egypt, then to Kenya, a beautiful, far flung and largely forgotten part of Empire.

All that time, back home in Suffolk, Jennie kept the home fires burning - dodging the air raids, cutting out coupons, and putting on her own wartime uniform.

This is a story of an ordinary family determined to "Keep Smiling Through" - only for the War to claim the lives of its sons.


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Holly Weston Books | It's No Game of Marbles! | Edited by Paul Freeman